Of Protests, PhD, and Plants: A tryst with Dr Evelin Heikham

As she juggles teaching, research, and two kids, Evelin (she/her) opens a vista into her journey in academia for us. “One of my dreams is to have a plant named after me", exclaims Dr Evelin Heikham, a botanist with a passion to unearth the rich floral biodiversity in North-East India.

We are Facing Freshwater Shortages

We turn on a tap and water starts flowing out of it, as much as and anytime we require. A world without water is inconceivable. It is quite easy to forget the value of something when abundantly available, all the time. Seven out of ten people on Earth can count on having a running water supply in their households. At least, so they think! The reality, however, is much more staggering. Water scarcity was listed as 'one of the largest global risks' in terms of potential impact over the next decade by the World Economic Forum in 2019.