SciRio, Broadcasting Knowledge is a digital science communications platform that is building an ecosystem for growing science communicators. For science students and researchers who are enthusiastic to communicating science, SciRio is the first and only platform that provides the complete ecosystem to upskill, find existing resources and opportunities, and the right network, all in one place. Also, this is a platform where they can communicate science to the general public in simple and creative ways. The platform is format-agnostic in the sense that science communication at SciRio is beyond just writing. We explore verticals such as illustrations, art, story-telling, videos, podcasts, etc. along with writing as forms of communicating science.

We encourage science communicators to explore different ways and formats of communicating science to people with little or no background in science and bring the relevance of the scientific thought process to people’s everyday lives.

Suchitha Champak

Founder and Managing Editor, SciRio

Having completed her Masters in Human Disease Genetics, Suchitha ventured out to seek a path that was less taken. She envisioned to take science to people. She knew that translating science to the wider mass that is very heterogeneous is a task that cannot be accomplished by one individual. She is on the outlook for a team of like minds to accomplish what she aspires for. She aspires to equip students in science with the necessary tools and thus communicate science effectively to showcase science utility for the public in utmost palatable forms.