SciRio – broadcasting knowledge, is an initiative to actively engage academia, industry, healthcare sector and policy research organisations to effectively communicate the utility of science education and research to the public and encourage policy change. It aims to collaborate with all science communicating entities and form an independent body for science communication in India. Creating knowledge translation centres at colleges and institutions will enable SciRio achieve its long-term goal of creating a hub of knowledge translation for uninterrupted knowledge transfer and utility. In the process of doing so, it will facilitate bridging gaps between the knowledge being realised in science and the knowledge being propagated to the public. This knowledge transfer is not passive but it entails an impactful change in the society about issues that are the need of the hour and thus encourage policy change.

Mission of SciRio in a nutshell

Suchitha Champak

Founder and Editor, SciRio

Having completed her Masters in Human Disease Genetics, Suchitha ventured out to seek a path that was less taken. She envisioned to take science to people. She knew that translating science to the wider mass that is very heterogeneous is a task that cannot be accomplished by one individual. She is on the outlook for a team of like minds to accomplish what she aspires for. She aspires to equip students in science with the necessary tools and thus communicate science effectively to showcase science utility for the public in utmost palatable forms.