SciRio — Broadcasting Knowledge is a digital science media enterprise that is building an ecosystem for growing science communicators to upskill and develop their portfolio.

We also provide communication and outreach services to science-based startups, companies, and organisations that will augment their reach to their customers and/or target audience.

For Students and Researchers in the Sciences

For science students and researchers who are enthusiastic to communicating science, SciRio is the first and only platform that provides the complete ecosystem to upskill, find existing resources and opportunities, and the right network, all in one place. The SciComm Hub is a platform where they can build their portfolio by communicating science to people beyond academia in simple and creative ways.

The SciComm Hub platform is format-agnostic. We explore verticals such as illustrations, art, story-telling, videos, podcasts, etc. along with writing as forms of communicating science. We encourage science communicators to explore different ways and formats of communicating science to the general public. To people with little or no background in science and bring relevance to the scientific thought process in people’s everyday lives.

For Science-based Startups and Organisations

For science-based startups, companies and organisations, we provide services such as science engagement and outreach, content management, web designing and social media management. We bring the best of two worlds — digital media services with expertise in the sciences. We help you present your work and services in a scientifically sound manner while increasing your outreach manifold.

Our Team

Suchitha Champak

Founder and Managing Editor

As a scholar of science, I always understood that science belongs to everyone and that it should not be confined within the walls of laboratories. After a few years in scientific research, I delved into communicating science to people beyond academia and founded SciRio. We need an independent, free-willed platform with a vision that science communication is a collaborative effort and to execute it effectively. I envision democratising the field of science communication in India. To inspire students and researchers in the sciences to go out and talk science beyond their professional circles and support them in honing their science communicating skills.

Devanshi Gupta

Intern – Social Media and Outreach

I am a scientist in the making at CDFD, Hyderabad, and I understand the need to bridge the gap between advancing science and society to cultivate its importance. I like to communicate with people from diverse backgrounds, making science communication easier, palatable and thriving. I love reading contemporary fiction and often voice my opinion on Women’s Rights, Gender Inclusivity, and Mental health. Writscienceut how science affects every aspect of our lives in a coordinated fashion keeps me sane and helps me understand the power and beauty of Nature.

Romita Trehan

Intern- Project and Website Management

I am a budding microbiologist with a keen interest in Astrobiology. When not looking through a microscope or at the stars, I’m with my plants or buried within a book. Eager to learn new things and explore beyond academics, I venture out for new roles and experiences. At college, I served as the Editor and Vice president of the Microbiology Society and led the Literary Club as the Vice President. 

I believe that society is the backbone of science, just like the sugar-phosphate chains for DNA. Through my writing, I strive to bridge the gap between academia and the general public to shed the inhibition that science is complex. At SciRio, I want to gain experience as a science communicator and learn on the job.

Past Members

Meghna Girish

Intern – Outreach Strategy and Support

I am a Biochemistry graduate from the University of Mysore. I love science and writing, so why not have the best of both worlds? Hence, here I am, wading my way across the field of writing and communication. I believe science is for everyone. Science isn’t complicated when communicated right. It is an art in itself. Apart from science, you can find me dancing, mumbling around some foreign languages, reading novels, and collecting sticky notes. Bribe me with some coffee, and you have a friend. 

Leeba Ann Chacko

In-house Illustrator

I am a Junior Research Fellow with Dr Vaishnavi Ananthanarayanan at the Center for BioSystems Science and Engineering (BSSE), Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru. Here, I mostly spend my time peering into the insides of tiny fungi. When I’m not working in the lab, I write science articles on topics ranging from mitochondrial inheritance during reproduction to alternatives to single-use plastics in labs. I also love painting and sometimes use art to express my understanding of science.

I began communicating science when my father said he couldn’t understand one of my journal articles. Thus, in order to help him, I decided to simplify my research using illustrations, 2D animations and writing. I believe it is important to bridge the gap between researchers and non-experts to enable fruitful scientific discussions and to empower people to be able to differentiate fact from fiction (particularly in this era of misinformation). When I am not conducting research or communicating science, I play guitar riffs to my houseplants.

Hansika Chhabra


Hansika has been a freelance writer and budding communicator since 2019. She hopes to make discussing science routine for people across India. Trained in biology and adept at sarcasm, she wants to change the world, one word at a time.