Antibiotic Resistance a chronic pandemic that we have been living in, needs our urgent attention!

The Perils of Antibiotic Resistance

Taking antibiotics for granted has led to a face-off in the course of evolution where bacteria and antibiotics are fighting against each other while humans fuel the fire. This series attempts to recapture the revolutionary moment in the history of medicine when antibiotics were discovered and chronicle the journey of discovering newer antibiotics making them an inevitable asset in healthcare. It documents the emergence of antibiotic resistance in bacteria, and what this means for the environment and humans as well as the future of antibiotics. It also talks about related public health concerns and what we can do as common people, scientists, doctors, healthcare workers, and policymakers to mitigate antibiotic resistance. At the current rate of growing resistance within bacteria, antibiotics are at risk of becoming obsolete. Antibiotics need to be used judiciously to avoid going back to the pre-antibiotics era when even cuts led to lethal infections and without antibiotics to the rescue.

Articles in this series

Antibiotic Resistance: The War we are Losing

Antimicrobial Resistance: Watching an Evolutionary Puppets Play