SciComm lite is our bi-annual flagship workshop that started as an initiative to provide guidance and mentorship to students, researchers, and scientists alike at any stage of life with a comprehensive view of Science Communication. Being a relatively new field, Science Communication is still somewhat unexplored with scarce learning resources. Hence, SciComm Lite aims to take you through a weeklong journey of awakening to understand the landscape of science communication. Here, you can explore the field as a career and learn along the way through various fun tasks/activities. 

When: October 11th – 17th

Fee: INR 3500 will be waived off if you have been selected for the scholarship. You will find out about it by 09/10/2021. If you have not been selected for the scholarship, you will still have an option after 9th to join the workshop after completing the payment.

Please find more details of the flagship workshop here – SciComm Lite Oct 2021

Note: The workshop gives you an overview of the different elements and opportunities in science communication you can explore. This is NOT ONLY a “science writing” workshop.

Go ahead! Fill this form, and we’ll see you on the other side. Please note that you will receive an email with all the details within 48 hours after you have completed your application and payment.

There might be a delay in receiving the email, so check your email (Primary, Promotions, Updates, and Spam) after an hour after payment if you don’t receive it immediately. If you still haven’t received the mail, please address any queries to with the subject line including the phrase – “SciComm Lite Oct 2021”, and we will get back to you at the earliest.