What’s up at SciRio? (April 2022)

What’s up at SciRio? (April 2022)

Suchitha Champak

Monthly Roundup

Monthly Roundup

We help find and create opportunities for Science Communicators and explore avenues to construct, collaborate, and contribute to expanding our community.

What’s up at SciRio?

We turned one this month…

SciRio wasn’t built in a day.

It took two years of brainstorming, experimenting, and understanding the gaps and needs of science communicators, especially in India, before it was incorporated in April 2021.

It was disappointing to hear rejections and critical assessments from people who knew little about the SciComm world but knew better about the rest of the world. I iterated. I was determined to build this entity to fulfil the needs of science and society.

I realised the potential SciRio holds. It evolved from a personal project to a team of three.

We stand strong. We are committed to the vision of enabling Science Communicators to unlock their potential.

We never knew where we would stand in one year.

After several successful capacity building programs and outreach and communications projects, we look forward to expanding our ways of supporting the community.

We would never get this far without our collaborators and cheerleaders, and we are always thankful to them.

We win when you win.

We have miles to go, and we will only get better with every step forward.

SciComm Lite concluded with a bang…

SciComm Lite March 2022 offered a variety of formats in SciComm to learn and experiment with. It was a power-packed course that allowed our participants to work hands-on with each format and identify which one they want to pursue further.

Testimonial from our participants

This workshop upskilled our participants and provided networking opportunities with their peers.

Testimonial from our mentors

The SciComm Lite workshop became a learning experience for our mentors too, where they could evaluate their skills and get a chance to meet people for future collaborations.

Our e-store, Sci-e-Comm

Sci-e-Comm is a place where you can get cool, creative, and resourceful goodies from content creators in science.

Shop now

Shop now

We support Sci-Artists and creators in Science.

Are you interested in working with us?

Please respond to this email if you think you can be the designer for our next product.

Our upcoming Twitter Space

We organise Twitter Spaces to keep our SciComm Community welcoming and engaging for everyone.

Tune into our next SciComm Social Lounge on 21 April 2022, at 8:30 pm IST.

Building your SciArt portfolio – DOs and DONTs

Join us for an insightful conversation.

Turn on your reminder here.

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Some helpful resources for you…

  • What does the future of science look like? What’s happening in science communication? A new podcast, All things SciComm by Science Talks, aims to make science accessible to everyone.

  • A new book, alert 2: Science Communication Through Poetry by Sam Illingworth. This book presents a unique way of communicating science through the medium of poetry. It contains exercises that will help readers develop their artistic approaches to communicating science.

Science shouldn’t be like a blind date for the public. ~ Alan Alda

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© Copyright 2023, All Rights Reserved by SciRio

Receive regular updates on how we can help you unlock new solutions

© Copyright 2023, All Rights Reserved by SciRio

Receive regular updates on how we can help you unlock new solutions

© Copyright 2023, All Rights Reserved by SciRio