What’s up at SciRio? (January 2022)

What’s up at SciRio? (January 2022)

Suchitha Champak

Monthly Roundup

Monthly Roundup

What’s up at SciRio?

At SciRio, we find opportunities for Science Communicators and help create new ones and explore avenues to construct, collaborate, and contribute to expanding our community.

It has been a fantastic start to 2022 for SciRio. Thank you for your continued support.

Let’s create something brilliant together!​

Our new step in the SciComm sphere…

We are Knowledge Partners with India Science Fest, India’s largest public celebration of science and technology. ISF endeavours to serve as a platform for deeper engagement between scientists, researchers, professionals, entrepreneurs, and students.

Partnering with India Science Fest furthers our vision of community engagement and the opportunity for building meaningful connections between stakeholders of science and society.

The most appealing part of ISF’s Continuum and SciComm Huddle is that it opens many opportunities for science communicators and science engagement professionals to engage, experience and build their skillset at scale.

Our founder, Suchitha Champak, will have a fireside chat in ISF 2022 with Krish Ashok on his recent book ‘Masala Lab – The Science of Indian Cooking‘, on 23 Jan at 7 pm IST.

You can attend the webinar here.

We launched Sci-e-Comm…

Sci-e-Comm is our e-commerce platform that hosts and supports creators in science.

This is one of the ways SciRio is working towards creating opportunities for science communicators and helping them reach their audience.

The postcards created by Sahana Sitharaman, available only on Sci-e-Comm.

These postcards are our first product, handcrafted with a love for science that can either become the letter for your pen pal or have them as a collectable. What’s more, these cards can be great conversation-starters with your friends and family. You can also make this a memorable gift for your loved ones!

So check it out and geek out!

Shop them here.

SciComm Souls – Life of a SciCommer

SciComm Souls: The Life of A SciCommer is our brand new Live Talk Show where we unravel the journey of an Indian Science Communicator on the path less stridden in every episode. 

Along the way, we pit stop at various destinations and ask our SciComm Souls to ponder over what bought them there. You can access all the episodes of the series here.

You can also listen to the finale episode of SciComm Souls below!

Our next Twitter Space

We are so happy with our last ‘ice-breaking’ Twitter Space on SciComm Social Lounge. We met so many new people exploring potential careers in SciComm.

So, we decided to keep our next Twitter Space about

Becoming independent and finding new opportunities as a SciCommer

Tune into our next SciComm Social Lounge on Jan 20, 2022, at 8:30 pm IST.

Turn on your reminder here.

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Work with us…

We are exploring the prospects for expanding our network through innovative ways of collaboration.

We are looking for interesting profiles revolving around the roles of

e-commerce Management

Editor and Assistant Editor

Graphic Designer – web and merchandise

If you are someone who has one of the above skills and would like to help us build our enterprise and our community of science communication professionals, please write to us by responding to this email.

The ultimate goal of Science Communication is not to teach people a concept, but to inspire them to teach themselves.

~Kevin Mercurio~

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Receive regular updates on how we can help you unlock new solutions

© Copyright 2023, All Rights Reserved by SciRio

Receive regular updates on how we can help you unlock new solutions

© Copyright 2023, All Rights Reserved by SciRio

Receive regular updates on how we can help you unlock new solutions

© Copyright 2023, All Rights Reserved by SciRio