Building YOSS! is a SciComm Foster that enables the participants to jumpstart their career as a science communicator. How is that possible? Read on, to know more.

What this SciComm Foster offers

This foster is a four-week long engagement where we will help you build your own platform or SciComm Space. You could consider a SciComm Space as a blog, portfolio, or website for all the science communication efforts you make. During this period of time, we will have three live sessions every alternate week where Sarah, your mentor will give you

  1. A detailed understanding of how you can get started and build your blog/portfolio/website.
  2. Explain technical terms (like domain, hosting, plugin, etc.) related to setting up your platform and the nitty-gritty of it.
  3. An introduction to how you can make your platform more visible using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tools.
  4. Many other tools that you can explore and incorporate into your platform.
  5. Review, feedback and suggestions for the YOSS! You build during this SciComm Foster, and how you can improvise your platform.
  6. Networking sessions before and after the main session to know your peers and mentor better.

During this period of time, we help you set up your platform, clarify any questions you have and get feedback.

This SciComm Foster is for you if you are

  1. Looking to get a serious start into communicating science and building your portfolio and presence in the community.
  2. Accountability – you have been procrastinating to start or revamp your blog/portfolio for better access and visibility.
  3. You have conducted SciComm for some time now but need to put them all in one place to showcase your work.
  4. Looking to find a job or freelance project in SciComm.
  5. And for anyone who is in the sciences who wants a platform for themselves to express their work to the world.

You walk away with

  1. A SciComm Space of your own!
  2. Personalised feedback from the mentor on how best you can build and optimise your platform.
  3. A step-by-step handbook and checklist for building YOSS! — a resource available to you, for life!
  4. A community to support and be accountable to each other while building your own platform.


Any student or researcher in the sciences can apply as long as their goal for enrolment is to build their own platform to communicate science.

Registration Fee

For Indians (INR)For Non-Indians (USD)
Early Bird Price
(Until 26/03/2021 2359 IST)
Regular Price220050

Important dates

08/04/20212359 ISTRegistration closes
10/04/20211900 – 2000 ISTLive Session – 1
24/04/20211900 – 2000 ISTLive Session – 2
08/05/20211900 – 2000 ISTLive Session – 3

Please address any queries to with the subject line including the phrase – “Building YOSS!”.