Past Events

SciComm Lite (October 2021)

SciComm lite is our bi-annual flagship workshop that started as an initiative to provide guidance and mentorship to students, researchers, and scientists alike at any stage of life with a comprehensive view of Science Communication. This workshop targets novice science communicators looking to deepen their understanding of the field of science communication.

Panel DiscussionBuilding Solutions to Compensate for the Lack of a SciComm Ecosystem in India

In the past decade, the SciComm situation in India witnessed phenomenal growth in getting researchers, students and scientists excited about it. But, this can only be sustained and fostered only when an ecosystem is developed to support capacity building, sufficient infrastructure, and a constant increase in the number of opportunities for science communicators.

This dialogue seeks to explore the unique opportunities or solutions our panellists created for themselves to make their niche and how you can take inspiration from their stories. During these 60 minutes, panellists dig at how you as an individual can make a difference rather than wait for a system to be developed before you take this career head-on.

SciCommSouls — The Life of a SciCommer

SciCommSouls: The Life of a SciCommer is our brand new Show where we unravel the journey of an Indian Science Communicator (SciCommer) every episode. Along the way, we pit stop at various stages of their life and ask our SciComm Souls to ponder over what bought them there and share it with us. A chat show with Science Communicators, because, why not! You walk away with

  1. A better understanding of the SciComm world
  2. Motivation and inspiration to communicate Science.
  3. Ideas, a direction, answers and potentially more questions to explore that will make your science communication efforts more meaningful and effective.

Join us on our new show, SciComm souls: The Life of a SciCommer, as we take you through the highs and lows of the personal journeys of Science Communicators in India. Click below and register yourselves to remind you to join us for every episode and stay up to date on trivia before and after every episode!

Effective Storytelling Strategies for Science Communication

This SciComm Foster aims to introduce the elements of ‘storytelling’ to relate, engage and connect with your audiences. Storytelling is a learned skill and can be experienced, practised (and mastered) by any science communicator. This foster will offer you a flavour of hands-on activities (backed by experiences and research) to help you understand how storytelling can morph your science message. Not just that, it will help you identify your ‘own’ storytelling style because, to each their own, and the more unique, the better! This SciComm Foster is for you if you are

  1. Students and fellows pursuing undergraduate, masters, doctoral or post-doctoral degrees and STEM professionals who would like to narrate their study/research better
  2. Aspiring science writers, artists, podcasters or other science communicators
  3. Someone looking to learn and improve your communication efforts
  4. Anyone with the willingness to listen, share, engage to participate. Skills and learnings through this foster will be widely useful across the education, proficiency, and career levels.

Life as a Freelance SciCommer in India

This SciComm Foster aims to introduce the participants to the nuances of being a freelance science communicator in India. Through this Foster, we would like to introduce and discuss the important aspects of freelancing as a science communicator in India. This SciComm Foster is for you if you are a

  1. A Masters student, PhD o0r Postdoc fellow and anywhere in between
  2. Looking to become a freelance science communicator in the near future or later
  3. Are already a science communicator but want to become independent and become a freelancer
  4. Are a beginner science communicator and want to understand the dynamics of freelancing
  5. An artist wanting to understand and learn the rules of the realm of digital illustrations.
  6. Any student or researcher in the sciences wanting to learn 3D illustrations for their study or research purposes.

Welcome to the World of 3D Illustrations using Blender

This SciComm Foster aims to discuss and learn the basics of using Blender, open-source and free software to create 3D illustrations to communicate science. The Foster is somewhat technical in terms of understanding the software and using illustrations as a solid driving force for effective science communication to the intended audience. It is a three-day Foster with two live sessions, including a feedback session for the submitted assignments. You walk away with

  1. Understanding the basics of the software – Blender.
  2. Learn the basic principles of making 3D illustrations.
  3. Personalised feedback from the mentor on how best you can improvise on your ideas.
  4. A whole lot of resources to get you started in becoming an independent scientific 3D illustrator!

Building YOSS!

This SciComm Foster is a four-week long engagement where we will help you build your own platform or SciComm Space. You could consider a SciComm Space as a blog, portfolio, or website for all the science communication efforts you make. You walk away with

  1. A SciComm Space of your own!
  2. Personalised feedback from the mentor on how best you can build and optimise your platform.
  3. A step-by-step handbook and checklist for building YOSS! — a resource available to you, for life!
  4. A community to support and be accountable to each other while building your own platform.

SciComm Lite 1.0

SciComm Lite 1.0 is a workshop that encourages novice science communicators to deepen their understanding of the field of science communication. This workshop is a series of talks and activities that introduces/provide insights to students or researchers in the sciences to some of the important concepts/elements of science communication as a career. It is specifically targeted at beginners who are wanting to explore science communication as a career. The size of the cohort will intentionally be kept low to provide the participants with an immersive experience.