Have you ever struggled to find the right resource or expertise to teach you how to communicate science effectively? SciRio is here with a new offering that empowers science communicators and beginners to learn or hone their skills in communicating science in different formats.

We know the first thought you might have, “Oh gosh, yet another bunch of webinars and talks to learn from”. No! We understand that honing skills of science communication is a continuous process and you can get better only by practice. For instance,

You have to create that first podcast to understand if your audience likes podcasting.

You have to draw your first piece of art to show how well that phenomenon can be visually communicated. 

You have to direct that first hands-on workshop to know if your subject-expertise can be taught in a fun way.

You have to write and direct your first skit/play to know how well you can communicate science through performing art.

That is exactly why we developed ‘SciComm Foster’! This is a format of learning new skills and practising them in a group in an accountable manner where your mentor will first induct you into the concept or skill and take you through the process of developing that skill through hands-on exercises, activities and assignments. They will be intensive, highly collaborative, and interactive to let you experience the process of communicating science while you learn.

You must have noticed that we just spoke about podcasting, art, video making, social events and even writing plays apart from the traditional method of science writing to communicate science. Yes, they are all ways of communicating science. Each SciComm Foster we curate will focus on a particular skill or format of communicating science.

Are you excited? Yes, we are too! Then what are you waiting for? Check out our latest SciComm Fosters that you can be a part of and become a better science communicator.

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