NeuroNovember 2020 - The Unconventional Convention!

As a young person you frequently come across comments like “you’re too young for this”, “you don’t understand what this is about” or “let the elders handle it”. Though in most cases these are very valid points made by people who have more experience navigating the world, it is also not right to think that young people cannot keep up. With younger people taking more and more leadership roles, it’s time to accept the idea that the youth are capable and would like to be encouraged and supported by the experienced leaders of today.

Growing from this essence, two leading youth-led organisations, Stimulus and Project Encephalon came forward with the NeuroNovember Convention – the first international youth-led Neuroscience convention from India.

How the NeuroNovember Convention went by

The NeuroNovember Convention was a uniquely curated 4-day convention that allowed individuals of different ages, professions, and countries to delve deeper into the fascinating field of neuroscience. Read more

Organising the NeuroNovember Convention

Two youth-led organisations, Stimulus and Project Encephalon joined forces to create a free platform for students to meet and engage with the best minds in neuroscience through talks and competitions. This idea formed the bedrock of the NeuroNovember Convention. Read more

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