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Science communication is still an emerging discipline, particularly in India, with few career prospects and scarce resources and opportunities. In the past decade, the SciComm situation in India witnessed phenomenal growth in getting researchers, students and scientists excited about it. But, this can only be sustained and fostered only when an ecosystem is developed to support capacity building, sufficient infrastructure, and a constant increase in the number of opportunities for science communicators. While this support system is largely still lacking in India, science communicators proactively create opportunities for themselves and pave their paths. Now, aren’t you curious how they are making it happen?

This panel discussion aims to unravel this curiosity for you. This dialogue seeks to explore the unique opportunities or solutions our panellists created for themselves to make their niche and how you can take inspiration from their stories. During these 60 minutes, panellists dig at how you as an individual can make a difference rather than wait for a system to be developed before you take this career head-on.

The panelists

Our panellists are experienced science communicators from diverse backgrounds who have been working at different fronts of science communication efforts bringing their expertise to the table.


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