Welcome to the World of 3D Illustrations using Blender

This SciComm Foster aims to discuss and learn the basics of using Blender, open-source and free software to create 3D illustrations to communicate science. The Foster is somewhat technical in terms of understanding the software and using illustrations as a solid driving force for effective science communication to the intended audience. It is a three-day Foster with two live sessions, including a feedback session for the submitted assignments. You walk away with

  1. Understanding the basics of the software – Blender.
  2. Learn the basic principles of making 3D illustrations.
  3. Personalised feedback from the mentor on how best you can improvise on your ideas.
  4. A whole lot of resources to get you started in becoming an independent scientific 3D illustrator!

Last date to apply: 21/06/2021

Building YOSS!

This SciComm Foster is a four-week long engagement where we will help you build your own platform or SciComm Space. You could consider a SciComm Space as a blog, portfolio, or website for all the science communication efforts you make. You walk away with

  1. A SciComm Space of your own!
  2. Personalised feedback from the mentor on how best you can build and optimise your platform.
  3. A step-by-step handbook and checklist for building YOSS! — a resource available to you, for life!
  4. A community to support and be accountable to each other while building your own platform.

Last date to apply: 08/04/2021

SciComm Lite 1.0

SciComm Lite 1.0 is a workshop that encourages novice science communicators to deepen their understanding of the field of science communication. This workshop is a series of talks and activities that introduces/provide insights to students or researchers in the sciences to some of the important concepts/elements of science communication as a career. It is specifically targeted at beginners who are wanting to explore science communication as a career. The size of the cohort will intentionally be kept low to provide the participants with an immersive experience.

Last date to apply: 14/02/2021