Thank you so much for being interested in this SciComm Foster – Effective Storytelling Strategies for Science Communication. We would love to know you better, so we serve you only the best content.

This SciComm Foster aims to introduce the elements of ‘storytelling’ to relate, engage and connect with your audiences. Storytelling is a learned skill and can be experienced, practised (and mastered) by any science communicator. This foster will offer you a flavour of hands-on activities (backed by experiences and research) to help you understand how storytelling can morph your science message. Not just that, it will help you identify your ‘own’ storytelling style because, to each their own, and the more unique, the better! This SciComm Foster is for you if you are

  1. Students and fellows pursuing undergraduate, masters, doctoral or post-doctoral degrees and STEM professionals who would like to narrate their study/research better
  2. Aspiring science writers, artists, podcasters or other science communicators
  3. Someone looking to learn and improve your communication efforts
  4. Anyone with the willingness to listen, share, engage to participate. Skills and learnings through this foster will be widely useful across the education, proficiency, and career levels.

Read more about the SciComm Foster here.

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