Thank you so much for being so interested in this SciComm Foster – Life as a Freelancer SciCommer in India. We would love to know you better, so we serve you only the best content.

This SciComm Foster aims to introduce the participants to the nuances of being a freelance science communicator in India. We want to introduce and discuss the important aspects of freelancing as a science communicator in India through this Foster. This SciComm Foster is for you if you are

  1. A Masters student, PhD or Postdoc fellow and anywhere in between
  2. Looking to become a freelance science communicator in the near future or later
  3. Are already a science communicator but want to become independent and become a freelancer
  4. Are a beginner science communicator and want to understand the dynamics of freelancing
  5. An artist wanting to understand and learn the rules of the realm of digital illustrations.
  6. Any student or researcher in the sciences wanting to learn 3D illustrations for their study or research purposes.

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