SciComm Lite 1.0 is a workshop that encourages novice science communicators to deepen their understanding of the field of science communication. This workshop is a series of talks and activities that introduces/provide insights to students or researchers in the sciences to some of the important concepts/elements of science communication as a career. It is specifically targeted for beginners who are wanting to explore science communication as a career. The size of the cohort will intentionally be kept low to provide the participants with an immersive experience.

The name of the course is deliberately chosen to showcase that this is a workshop for anyone who would like to find out:

  1. If SciComm is your cup of tea (or coffee!?).
  2. If you would like to explore the field of science communication but do not know where to start.
  3. You need help in finding out how you can create content to communicate science to your target audience.
  4. Potential ways to communicate science in a simple and creative manner.
  5. If you need the push to work on your first piece of content, get personalized feedback from experienced science communicators and also stand a chance to publish it.
  6. Need the first nudge to start building your portfolio.

Criteria for Selection

We welcome any student or researcher in the sciences who is interested in furthering their interest and understanding in navigating the field of science communication. We strongly recommend beginners in science communication to consider this opportunity. We would ideally like to keep the batch to a 30 member audience to be able to provide personal attention and feedback. The participants would be selected solely based on the application and their interest in communicating science. (And we stick to it!)

Application Fee

There is a fee of INR 2000 for all the selected participants. This is to facilitate the conduction of the workshop and support our valuable mentors who are taking time out to take the session while also providing personalised feedback to all the participants for the content they pitch.

We are also offering three scholarships for the workshop which will be awarded based on the application responses. Not just that. If you are willing to sponsor a fellow participant or know someone who is willing to sponsor for one or more participants, please do enter the details in the application form.

Important Dates

27/01/2021Application opens
14/02/2021Application closes
19/02/2021Announcement of selected participants
24/02/2021 to 02/03/2021Workshop sessions
03/03/2021 onwardsPitch content, feedback and publication

Details of the sessions

DateDayTime (in IST)SessionMentor
24/02/2021Wednesday1730 – 1930Finding and Pitching Story IdeasShreya Ghosh
25/02/2021Thursday1730 – 1930The Editorial Process and EDI representation in your contentAashima Dogra
26/02/2021Friday1730 – 1930The many tounges of science: Opportunities and challenges in transcreationSpoorthy Raman
27/02/2021Saturday1900 – 2100Podcasting with IndSciCommAbhishek Chari
28/02/2021Sunday1730 – 1930Drawing scienceIpsa Jain
01/03/2021Monday1900 – 2100Who are you communicating science for?Somdatta Karak
02/03/2021Tuesday1730 – 1830Bonus session and FeedbackSuchitha Champak

Please address any queries to with the subject line including the phrase – “SciComm Lite 1.0”.