SciComm Lite is our flagship biannual workshop for newcomers to science communication who would like to obtain a comprehensive overview of the field. This is our third edition which will take place in March of 2022. SciComm Lite began as an initiative to provide guidance and mentorship to students, researchers, and scientists at all stages of their careers who wanted to learn more about science communication. Science Communication is still fairly unexplored, with limited learning materials, as it is a relatively new field. As a result, SciComm Lite intends to take you on a 10 day-long adventure spanning over three weeks of scientific communication. Here, you can explore the field as a career while having fun with the numerous tasks and activities.

This workshop targets novice science communicators who are looking to deepen their understanding of the field of science communication. The course’s name was chosen to emphasise that this is a workshop for anybody interested in finding more about:

  • If SciComm is your cup of tea (or coffee!? ), you’ve come to the right place.
  • If you want to explore more about science communication but aren’t sure where to begin. 
  • You require assistance in understanding how to generate content that effectively communicates science to your target audience. 
  • Potential approaches of communicating science in a simple and creative manner. 
  • Get personalised input from experienced science communicators and a chance to publish your first piece of content if you need a little more push. 
  • You’re looking for that first nudge to get you started on building your portfolio.

If you nod your head in affirmation for any of the questions above, then this workshop is for you!

What’s in store for you?

SciComm Lite March 2022 offers a variety of formats to learn about and experiment with. This edition will have nine sessions, including a comprehensive introduction to SciComm, a look at seven different formats of science communication, and a final session on various auxiliary skills needed to get started as a science communicator. This is a power-packed course that will allow you to work hands-on with each format and identify which one you want to pursue further. 

Now, it’s more likely that you’ll gravitate towards science writing or art. Trust us when we say there’s a good possibility you’ll change your mind. “India Asks Why” is a total success. Following the workshop, the founders who set out to be writers went on to pitch their podcasting workshop assignment into a fully funded podcast series! Isn’t it amazing? 

Throughout the three weeks, you will receive guidance and feedback from our mentors, as well as learn about many areas of science communication through their journeys and real-life experiences. The workshop will provide you with vital insight into the lives and experiences of a SciCommer, which will aid you in navigating the field as a novice. This will help you in pushing through the blues and ultimately starting to work on your content as a SciCommer.

You will have identified your skillset, acquired a wealth of information and will have the opportunity to publish your first piece of content at the end of this project. 

The intention of the workshop is to learn about the requirements of people who want to work in science communication.

Criteria for Selection

Any science student or researcher who wants to learn more about science communication is welcome to attend us. We strongly encourage newcomers to science communication to take advantage of this opportunity.

We want to make sure that our workshop links with larger efforts and networks, thus this year’s Scicomm Lite like always includes knowledge, networking, and open space conversations for everyone.

Bonus: Every testimonial or piece of feedback submitted post the workshop, will be featured on the SciComm Lite webpage, which serves as proof of participation!

Application Fee

All selected candidates would be required to pay a fee of INR 3800 for the entire workshop. This is for the smooth execution and to help our wonderful mentors for their time in leading the session while also offering personalised feedback to all of the participants who are participating in the hands-on activities.

Sessions could also be booked a la carte, allowing you to pick and choose which ones you wish to attend. Each session chosen separately will be INR 499.

Important Dates: 

21/02/2022Application for Scicomm lite opens
20/03/2022 to 06/04/2022Workshop sessions 

Detailed Schedule: 

DateDayTime (in IST)SessionMentor
20/03/2022Sunday1900 – 2100Fundamentals of Science CommunicationSiddharth Kankaria
21/03/2022Monday1900 – 2100From Ah to wow! – What makes a great science story?Spoorthy Raman
23/03/2022Wednesday1900 – 2100How to think (and write) like a (science) journalist?Sayantan Datta
25/03/2022Friday1900 – 2100Building an Entrepreneurial MindsetSuchitha Champak
28/03/2022Monday1900 – 2100Introduction to Podcasting with IndSciCommAbhishek Chari
30/03/2022Wednesday1900 – 2100Basics of Science FilmmakingKeerthi Raj
01/04/2022Friday1900 – 2100How to use SciComm for SciEdSomdatta Karak
04/04/2022Monday1900 – 2100Drawing Science beyond textbooksIpsa Jain
06/04/2022Wednesday1900 – 2100Engaging with the Public for Greater ImpactSarah Hyder Iqbal

This workshop will help you take the first steps in becoming a good Science Communicator!

Are you still curious?

Check out the feedback from our previous SciComm lite events! The SciComm Lite workshop, which took place in February of this year, received excellent comments from its attendees.

Write to us at for any queries with the subject line, including the phrase – “SciComm Lite March 2022″, and we will get back to you at the earliest.