Are you a bench scientist or a student of Science transitioning to science communication (SciComm)? Or are you a science enthusiast who’d like to know what it takes to be a pro at communicating science? 

SciRio’s got you covered! SciCommSouls: The Life of a SciCommer is our brand new Show where we unravel the journey of an Indian Science Communicator (SciCommer) every episode. Along the way, we pit stop at various stages of their life and ask our SciComm Souls to ponder over what bought them there and share it with us. A chat show with Science Communicators, because, why not!

No path is devoid of hurdles, especially when every science communicator has to etch one on their own! Watch our guests discuss their unique approach on how to become a science communicator. Also, listen to them talk about their challenges, roadblocks, bumps, and speed breakers and what made them stick to Scicomm despite all the uncertainties and difficulties of the still-developing field.

If all of that sounded serious – worry not! We have in-store for you fun-filled segments on our show to balance it out! Ah, yes, that’s going to be a surprise. Join us to find out what that is.

Prepare yourself a hot cup of coffee (or whatever your favourite beverage is) and join our brand new show SciCommSouls on LinkedIn and YouTube Live.

Who knows? After knowing the successful journeys of our guests, you might unlock ideas, and find yourself embarking on your own journey of becoming a Science Communicator. 

TL; DR: What is SciComm Soul, the Show?

Join us every alternate Saturday from 17th July at 1800 IST on YouTube or LinkedIn, live.

  • An informal chat show with Science Communicators from India.
  • What or who inspired them to become a science communicator? What bought them there? 
  • Sometimes, hitchhiking a ride with a seasoned driver is the best way to appreciate the realities of the journey!
  • An hour-long show where we discuss how our guest navigated their path to becoming a Science Communicator and some fun!

 This Show is for you if you are…

  • Bench scientist transitioning or hoping to transition to Science communication
  • A student of Science who would like to pick up science communication as an essential skill, part-time or full-time career opportunity
  • SciComm Enthusiast foraying into SciComm
  • Curious to hear stories of SciCommers
  • Ask the guests anything that might be stopping you from being a better SciCommer

You walk away with…

  • A better understanding of the SciComm world
  • Motivation and inspiration to communicate Science.
  • Ideas, a direction, answers and potentially more questions to explore that will make your science communication efforts more meaningful and effective.

Join us on our new show, SciComm souls: The Life of a SciCommer, as we take you through the highs and lows of the personal journeys of Science Communicators in India.

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