The Youth of the Nation is in Some Serious Trouble – Premature Heart Diseases
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Heart diseases, in general, is an umbrella term given for various heart and heart-related conditions. Going by the numbers, in the last decade, the country has seen a shift in the age group of people suffering from heart diseases, especially, heart attacks. Yes, this trend is similar to other lifestyle conditions such as Diabetes and Hypertension where these conditions are presented at a younger age. This early occurrence of heart diseases is classified separately and is called Premature Heart Diseases.

To get a real-time check on these numbers, we approached Dr Rahul Patil, an expert in Premature Heart Diseases from Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research. He states that they have observed a 22% increase in the number of heart attacks in people in their early stages of life. Initially, these patients were treated as any other case of a heart attack but once they saw the numbers rise, they did something that is helping these patients and their families. Listen to him talk about how their hospital is handling cases of premature heart diseases in the following interview clip.

What can you do to push heart attack to the next decade of your life?

As we talk about prevention, Dr Rahul Patil follows up with the previous conversation to say that there are unfortunately no definitive symptoms in a young individual who might have a premature heart attack. But, he says that there are ways to keep yourself in check regularly.

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