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Dr Subhadra Dravida is the Founder of Transcell Biolife, a company built on a proprietary adult stem cell technology platform while both the research and product offerings were panned out of the repository. Transcell Biolife (www.transcell.in) is the next-gen bio-bank for the intended applications thrusting on its derived applications and not as any form of Bio-insurance. The founding philosophy of Biolife operations was cryopreserving (storage at very low temperatures) precious material for rightful presentations. We believe that preserving and storing technology of the right material dictates its utility. This has been precisely the reason, why Biolife grew its business systematic (since 2011) attracting clientele who truly believe in quality and the purpose of bio-banking. From the beginning, it has been a great experience for our group, pitching our offerings and winning the trust of families who became our clients. We have evolved by integrating unique features surrounding stem cells for personalizing medicine to the extent of redefining the term “Personalized Medicine”. Today, Biolife is the only group that offers bio-banking products as a service with its potential use for therapeutic and non-therapeutic purposes aligning with the advancements in international standards. Biolife’s vision is to become Asia’s epicentre storing not just precious cells harvested from one-time events of life, but also have the meaningful whole-genome data acquired from them thus positioning ourselves as ace original researchers and a science-based team from India. This is beyond the stem cell banking story. All along, the group has been successful in creating a network of like-minded professionals, supporters, service providers, evangelists, field force as ambassadors of building this gold mine repository with larger than life interest.


I am the Founder and Managing Editor of SciRio, a digital ecosystem for science communicators who want to communicate science to people who are non-experts in any fields of science. After stints as a Research Associate at the Indian Institute of Science and Centre for Human Genetics working on Cancer Research and Developmental Biology, I shifted gears to communicating science and become an entrepreneur.

I established SciRio to support science communicators in networking better, finding appropriate training and resources, and ultimately provide unexplored opportunities to science communicators.

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  1. D. Suresam

    We are fortunate to have Dr Dravida in this field….who with her pioneering work and untiring efforts…has been achieving breakthroughs… immensely benefiting mankind.

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