What’s up at SciRio? (March 2022)

We help find and create opportunities for Science Communicators and explore avenues to construct, collaborate, and contribute to expanding our community.

What’s up at SciRio?

Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, once said, ”…you can’t connect the dots looking forwards, you can only connect them looking backwards”.

We took the literal meaning of it. Therefore, we are bringing our flagship workshop, SciComm Lite, to target novice science communicators looking to deepen their understanding of the field of science communication.

Now, it’s more likely that you’ll gravitate towards science writing or art.

Trust us when we say there’s a good possibility that you will change your mind.

Let us tell you a story…

Ruchi and Shweata met at our SciComm Lite (February 2021) workshop, where they first conceived the idea for their science podcast project.

They tested the waters by pitching it as an assignment to Abhishek Chari from IndSciComm, one of the mentors of the workshop.

With the support of the IndiaBioscience Outreach Grant and the SciComm community, they have now turned the idea into a full-blown podcast series, India Asks Why, which is a total success.

Isn’t it amazing??? 

Thank you for your continued support.

Let us help you get started in SciComm!

Let’s create something brilliant together!​

All you need to know about SciComm…

With SciComm Lite, any beginner in Science Communication will have the expanse of knowledge and network to dive into the field.

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What’s in store for you?

SciComm Lite March 2022 offers a variety of formats to learn about and experiment with. This edition will have nine sessions, including a comprehensive introduction to SciComm, a look at seven different formats of science communication, and a final session on various auxiliary skills needed to start as a science communicator. This is a power-packed course that will allow you to work hands-on with each format and identify which one you want to pursue further.

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Mentors for the workshop

This time there are 3 new formats introduced too. Also, there are exclusive discounts for the alumni of SciComm Lite.

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Participants from previous workshops…

This workshop will help you take the first steps in becoming a good Science Communicator!

Hear it from the alumni…

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Some helpful resources for you…

Not only is it important to ask questions and find the answers, as a scientist I felt obligated to communicate with the world what we were learning. ~ Stephen Hawking

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I am the Founder and Managing Editor of SciRio, a digital ecosystem for science communicators who want to communicate science to people who are non-experts in any fields of science. After stints as a Research Associate at the Indian Institute of Science and Centre for Human Genetics working on Cancer Research and Developmental Biology, I shifted gears to communicating science and become an entrepreneur.

I established SciRio to support science communicators in networking better, finding appropriate training and resources, and ultimately provide unexplored opportunities to science communicators.

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