Walk of Life – Preventive Cardiology, Diabetes and Hypertension
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“Walk of Life” is an event that resonates with the value of giving people access to interact with doctors, scientists and policy experts. When people have access to such a platform, it allows them to understand their health better. This event is one of its kind conceived by the Institute for Applied Research and Innovation (InARI). As a not-for-profit organisation, it strives for a Problem-based approach to address societal issues.

This is the third edition of Walk of Life and was themed to discuss Preventive Cardiology and related lifestyle disorders such as Diabetes and Hypertension. Connect-In, the event partner helps organise events such as these that provide a platform to bring the stakeholders of the society together. SciRio, being the media partner for all the consecutive events, involves itself in covering this public engagement event. We had Future Medicine, Strand Life SciencesPrema’s Life SciencesAmeliorate and Seragen sponsor the third edition of Walk of Life.

Typically, all the participants get together for a walk around the locality to showcase the significance of the meet up while they can interact with the guest doctors for the day. But this time, the event was revamped to give a better experience to the participants to have face to face to doctors and scientists.

We had Dr Magesh Balakrishnan, an Interventional Cardiologist from Columbia Asia, Dr Balaji Jaganmohan, expert Diabetologist consulting at Apollo Sugar, Dr Jayabharathi, General Physician and ENT Specialist from GBY Clinic and Dr Rajani Kanth Vangala, Clinical Research Scientist, Former Director of Thrombosis Research Institute (TRI) and the Chairman of the Institute for Applied Research and Innovation (InARI) on panel for a discussion about how people can keep heart incidences in check, managing diabetes and altering their lifestyles for a better life. You can watch the entire discussion here.

The panel discussion started with Dr Magesh introducing what heart diseases are and the forms of heart diseases. He also set the stage for the discussion by establishing that most cases of heart diseases are dependent on the lifestyle you practice. Followed by this, Dr Balaji discussed with us how people with diabetes have a higher risk of having a heart incidence. As an addendum to Dr Magesh’s pointers of how keeping a check on your lifestyle habits can keep heart incidences at bay, Dr Balaji reiterated that regular exercise, healthy food habits and avoiding smoking and alcohol are key.

Being a General Physician, Dr Jayabharathi was anecdotal enough to drive the point to the audience about the same. The scientist on panel, Dr Rajani Kanth Vangala was asked to stress upon the lesser-known aspects of heart diseases, that is, the genetics of the dreadful lifestyle disorder engulfing a significant population of the country. Referring to a couple of studies, he talks to the audience about how being Indian or Asian in general inherently puts you at a higher risk of heart diseases simply because of our genetic composition.

The doctors also discussed how some features can be associated with but need not be causative for a heart incidence. It was in fact an informative session for the audience to know how heart diseases can be because of their own genetic makeup and also the cultivated lifestyle.

The floor was then open to the audience to discuss with the panellists about what was being discussed along with any clarifications they might want about managing heart diseases and Diabetes. People from the audience were well involved in the discussions. Interestingly, these discussions encompassed concerns about the utility and authenticity of alternate medicine, everyday practices and even self-medication.

Towards the end of the discussion, it was clear that the need of the hour for people was to be able to distinguish good practices and lifestyle myths. Thus, the topic of discussion for Walk of Life’s September edition was announced to be “Myths about Nutrition and Genetics of Diabetes” which will be held on the 8th of September at the Institute for Applied Research and Innovation (InARI).

Interactions progressed even as everyone had breakfast. InARI especially thanks Dr Jayabharathi for sponsoring the event’s breakfast. The audience kept the doctors engaged throughout and indeed were glad to be a part of the event. While everyone had their breakfast, they got a glimpse of what Uremart, the event’s souvenir sponsor had in stock for everyone. Uremart, a unit of Jarani Solutions has a range of products to offer mostly comprising of eco-friendly, sustainable products and products made by underprivileged and rural populations. As people shopped and discussions concluded, another chapter of Walk of Life came to a close.


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