You are in Control of Your Heart
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The general notion in our country is that w take care of ourselves only when we are sick. This notion has put the entire nation in trouble. It is no secret today that diet and exercise are key to keeping yourselves healthy in general. Taking regular measures in maintaining one’s health before the occurrence of a disease can be defined as Preventive healthcare. This can include lifestyle changes, diet modifications and taking the right measures to keep in check any disease if you are genetically prone to (inherited diseases).

Lifestyle check and stress

Dr Subramanian Kannan from Narayana Hrudayalaya gives us 4 important lifestyle checkpoints that need to be tended to for a healthy heart. In brief, they are avoid smoking, chewing of tobacco, keeping oneself fit (concerning Body Mass Index) and following a proper diet. They can not only help in reducing the risk of having heart disease but also reduces the risk of developing diabetes and high blood pressure. Listen to him in the following video.

Food and lifestyle habits are the major chunks of living a healthy lifestyle. That is only physically though. Mental stress is on the rise and social pretence is one of the biggest factors affecting the peace of mind. Dr Kannan points out that, adolescents and young adults have been developing lifestyle disorders which are not the right age to experience such horror. They are mostly under pressure from peers, social media, working at odd times and other stressful situations which make them prone to these lifestyle disorders. He stresses that it is important for the youngsters to become aware of the stress they are undergoing and give health the maximum priority. Listen to him address social concerns that lead to lifestyle disorders in the following video.

Genetics of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) and the importance of counselling

Another major factor that influences the occurrence of these lifestyle disorders is the genetic composition of the self. Although much cannot be controlled or altered, by knowing one’s family history of a disease, they can keep it in check by regular tests and strict routines. By doing so, the disease occurrence if not avoided completely, can be pushed to a decade later or two. Listen to Dr Rahul Patil from Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research talk to us about how they are making an effort to counsel and help people with a family history of heart diseases. Listen to Dr Rahul talk about the special genetic counselling clinic that has been set up at their institute to counsel young patients who have had an episode of heart attack and might have a family history too.

Dr Subramanian Kannan from Narayana Hrudayalaya emphasises the above fact of getting a thorough family history for all kinds of cardiovascular disorders.

What can we do to help each other in preventive care?

Dr Rahul insists that the most important step to prevent any heart disease is to be aware of the disease. As more people know about how to keep the disease at bay, it also helps others cope with it. He mentions that it is effective when people along with clinicians, scientists and members of concerned organizations come together to talk more about it.

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