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This is a space for the expression of Science Communication efforts

About Us

An ecosystem for novice science communicators to launch new projects and upskill.

We are a communications and outreach enterprise that is building an ecosystem for growing science communicators to upskill and explore new opportunities in science communication. We also provide a range of communication and outreach services to science-based startups, companies, and organisations that will augment their reach to their customers and/or target audience.

What can we do for you?

For Students and Researchers in the Sciences

SciRio is the first and exclusive platform in India that provides the complete ecosystem to upskill, find existing resources and opportunities, and the right network, all in one place for anyone interested in communicating science in any form. The SciComm Hub is a multimedia blog space where you can build your portfolio and communicate science by writing, sketching, making multimedia content or even drawing comics. We encourage you to explore different ways and formats of communicating science to a varied range of audiences.

For Science Communicators

If you are an individual science communicator trying to find interesting projects to work on, we are always looking for people like you. You can join us on projects we are working on or bring to the table any novel ideas you always wanted to work on but never had the bandwidth for it. Look up our e-store, Sci-e-Comm if you are an artist or any creator and want to create physical or digital products appealing to scientific curiosity.

For Science-based academic organisations, NGOs, and private enterprises

We offer consulting and communication services to communicate your research and create impact. It could be as simple as managing your lab website, blog or social media to building public engagement events to communicate your science in an interactive and engaging manner. We bring the best of two worlds — digital media services with expertise in the sciences. We help you present your work and services in a scientifically sound manner while increasing your outreach manifold. Want to create custom merchandise for your employees? We got you covered.

Sci-e-Comm – Our E-commerce website

Sci-e-Comm is an e-commerce platform that hosts and supports creators in science by helping them monetize their work. The aim of setting up the platform is to create products either from the result of or become a form of communicating science. 

This is a place where science transitions into your everyday products, while you learn something new. A simple thing can become a conversation starter and a learning opportunity at the same time. How cool would it be to display your passion for science and learning through a commonplace object? Sci-e-comm acts as your unique go-to store for all things Sciencey.  

The website will host products from diverse Sci- Artists. The customers won’t have to surf through websites of individual artists, here they can find varied options with a number of artists under one roof.  Shop now!

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