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SciCommSouls — The Life of a SciCommer

SciCommSouls: The Life of a SciCommer is our brand new Show where we unravel the journey of an Indian Science Communicator (SciCommer) every episode. Along the way, we pit stop at various stages of their life and ask our SciComm Souls to ponder over what bought them there and share it with us. A chat show with Science Communicators, because, why not! You walk away with

  1. A better understanding of the SciComm world
  2. Motivation and inspiration to communicate Science.
  3. Ideas, a direction, answers and potentially more questions to explore that will make your science communication efforts more meaningful and effective.

Join us on our new show, SciComm souls: The Life of a SciCommer, as we take you through the highs and lows of the personal journeys of Science Communicators in India. Click below and register yourselves to remind you to join us for every episode and stay up to date on trivia before and after every episode!

Join us every alternate Saturday from July 17th at 1800 IST on YouTube or LinkedIn, live!


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